Greetings from Vermonters who care about the welfare of our farm animals! Our message is simple — we can follow our conscience and at the same time, fulfill our nutritional needs for high quality protein and fats AND be good stewards of the global environment.  Pastured animals, produced on a small and caring scale, help address so many problems — global warming, chronic disease, malnutrition, food security, connection to nature.  Regenerative agriculture is what we practice — building fertile topsoil by sequestering carbon and fostering healthy soil biology.  

On this website…

  • You can learn about the three certification programs which perform detailed, on-site, annual audits of the livestock handling practices at these farms.
  • You’ll find links and references to information about why these certification programs are good for animals, good for people, good for the environment, and good for the long-term sustainability of healthy people and planet Earth.
  • Most importantly, you’ll easily locate nearby places in Vermont where these products are currently available.

We are working to improve agriculture and food for a better world. Most retailers don’t currently carry these products because they cost a bit more and because customers don’t know that these products exist. By providing consumers with this information, we help nourish healthy bodies, awaken people’s conscience, and expand the presence of regenerative and humane agriculture in Vermont.

Use our “Farms” page to find nearby welfare-certified farms that sell directly to consumers. Use our “Stores” and “Restaurants” pages to find local outlets for welfare-certified products. Support these progressive food providers by patronizing them as very few Vermont restaurants or stores offer these products today. Even better, send them a big Thank You! for being among the first to offer products from  animal-welfare-certified farms.

If you can’t purchase from the current providers, this website also has a link to draft correspondence for asking your favorite restaurants and food stores to carry products from certified farms.

This website is to help us all – Vermont consumers, food distributors, and farmers – make eating a wholly enriching act. 

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Contact us at EthicalEaterVT@gmail.com


This website is made possible by a grant from Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT) and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).