Humane certification – learning portal

Ask any livestock farmer whether they treat their animals “humanely” and they are likely to reply “of course!” But how can one be assured that a farm’s practices are truly humane? Well, the definitive test is when an objective, competent certifying organization, which regularly evaluates relevant practices on the farm, determines that it indeed meets specific standards of care. There are three organizations that perform this testing…

Animal Welfare Approved

Certified Humane

Global Animal Partnership

Visit their websites to learn more about their programs and certification standards. A great publication that compares these three programs is here, and a useful summary of various food labels concerning humane treatment is here (both resources are courtesy of the ASPCA).  In fact, the whole ASPCA Shop-With-Your-Heart website is a terrific resource on the humane treatment of livestock.

Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT) is another organization performing a lot of important work in support of welfare-certified farms. Check out their website!

More sources of information on humanely-raised animals…

Ethical Omnivore


Go to our “Farms“, “Stores” and “Restaurants” pages to find sources of welfare-certified products in Vermont. If your fav food store or restaurant isn’t listed, then go ask them to carry/use welfare-certified products! (ASPCA has a draft letter you can use)